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Assemble at Changi Airport for your flight to Incheon.

* Gwangandaegyo Bridge- The Guang’an Bridge is one of the landmarks of Busan City and a tourist attraction in Busan.

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* Teajongdae National Park of Busan- Taizongtai is a southernmost park in Busan Shadow Island, surrounded by the sea on three sides.

* Train Ride- Visitors can choose the Danubi sightseeing train to the observation deck or lighthouse.

* Jagalchi Market- Zhazi’s market refers to the dry fish market under the Yingdao Bridge to the area of the Chungwuk-dong area, which is Korea’s largest aquatic market.

* Gamcheon Culture Village – This place is full of colorful murals and the sea in the distance.

* Nampo-Dong- This is a pedestrian street, a quiet place in Wangzhong, a variety of specialty snacks and other food stores in the hutong, and many shopping outlets

* Yongdusan Park – The entire hillside is a park, and the Busan Tower stands on the top of the mountain.

* Seomyeon Shopping Street- Seomyeon is the city center of Busan, the most prosperous place in Busan.

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  •  Geojedo – Geoje Island has a pleasant climate all year round, and plants such as palm trees can be found everywhere.
  • Galgot Island (View from a far)- Galgot Island is an island located 500m south of the south side of the city of Geoje.
  • Oedo Paradise Island – Oedo Paradise island is a private island. The island owner planted camellia trees, coconut trees, cacti and other plants on the island. The meticulously pruned plants and characteristic buildings make this a sea wonderland.
  • Botania Garden- The Oedo Paradise island where the sea park is located is a small island attached to Geoje Island and is also a privately owned marine botanical garden.
  • Cherry Blossom Street – Every spring, you can see cherry blossoms on Geoje Island.
  • The Wind Hill- On the hills covered with green grass, overlooking the vast sea, it is refreshing.

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  • Bulguksa Temple- Bulguksa Temple is the core of the Silla culture, a classic of Silla Buddhist art and a world cultural
  • Seokguram Grotto – The Grottoes are located in Tu Han Mountain, Gyeongju, Republic of Korea, and the Bulguksa Temple, which is 4 km away, was listed as a World Cultural Heritage in 1995.
  • Persimmon Tannels + Test Persimmon Wine-In 2006, the “Wine Tunnel” opened in Songjin-ri, Gyeonggi-do, Gyeongsangbuk-do was the world’s first persimmon wine-smelling warehouse using persimmon.
  • Bomun Lake – Gyeongju Bomun Lake is located in Gyeongju City and is an international sightseeing area.

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  • DIY Kimchi Pancake + Ginseng Milk- Experience Korean traditional food culture and make kimchi pancakes. 
  • Traditional Hangbok Experience- Traditional cultural experience museum, foreign tourists can try on hanbok here and feel the Korean tradition.
  • Ho-am Art Museum + Cherry Blossom Street- The main building is a traditional Korean-style building, and the outdoor Xi Garden recreates the beautiful Korean garden.
  • GwangMyeong Cave – Korea’s best cave theme park, the Bright Cave, is a mysterious space built after the elements of culture and art that have been used in mines such as gold, silver and copper. 
  • Bibimbap Show – Traditional Korean cooking is a popular subject with traditional Korean cooking.

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  • Korean Ginseng Showroom- The sale of Tai Chi in the world to participate in ginseng essence has great effect on the regulation of body and spirit.
  • Cosmetics- Korean cosmetics range from cheap to big-name.
  • Yeouido Hangang Park- It consists of four parts: traditional Korean gardens, green gardens, cultural squares and natural ecological forests.
  • Cherry Blossom Street- Every day in the spring of April, the Yeouido Park Middle Road on the back of the National Assembly Hall will become a beautiful cherry blossom avenue.
  •  Changdeokgung Palace- Located in the eastern part of Seoul, South Korea, it is also one of the five major palaces in Seoul.

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  • Seaweed Museum- Shows the manufacturing process of seaweed from mining to processing and the space from which seaweed originates.
  • Hoganbo Showroom- It is a product of hangover, nourishing liver and protecting liver.
  • Local Provision Shop- South Korean specialty supermarkets enjoy Korean specialty products.


  • A minimum group size of 10 passengers is required for a confirmed departure.
  • The sequence of the itinerary, flight schedules and hotels are subject to change without prior notice in the event of unforeseen circumstances.
  • During major events, accommodation may be re-located to another city without prior notice.
  • In the event that a place of visit is fully booked or closed due to public engagement, it will be replaced with an alternative. 
  • All guides are Chinese speaking,
  • Should there be any discrepancies over the English and Chinese Version of the Itinerary, we shall follow accordingly to the Chinese Version.
  • We, as a Travel Agent shall not be held responsible in the event of a flight delay which can lead to disruptions in the itinerary.
  • Tour Fare does not Include All Airport Taxes, Fuel Surcharges, Visa Application Fees, Tipping, Porterages and all expenses of a Personal Nature.

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