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Assemble at Changi Airport for your flight to Incheon.

Nami Island – The island full of grasslands and roaming trails. There is pine, metasequoia, chestnut trees and other forests. One of the best spots in Korea to enjoy autumn foliage.

Petite France – a French cultural village set in the Korean countryside. Experience Korean culture village and also European-style culture, architecture, French crafts at the same place.

Morning Calm – In autumn, the garden offers breath-taking scenery of fall foliage. The blue sky and yellow and red leaves make a picturesque contrast.

Apple Winery and Apple Farm – Experience picking apples by hand, and paste photos of yourself on cider bottles and learn how to bake apple pie at the same time.

Bomun Lake – It’s cool for autumn! Every autumn, the golden and red maple leaves make the lake scenery more beautiful.

Unification Hall – In autumn, golden ginkgo trees are reflected in the lotus pond, and carp wander in the water, forming a picturesque beauty. Golden ginkgo trees are combined with red maple trees, with vibrant green pine forests.

Seongdong Market – The traditional market was established in 1971. Seongdong market is comprised of around 300 stores and 30 street vendors. In the alleys, Korean snacks are mainly sold, such as spicy fried rice cakes/vegetables/red bean porridge/pumpkin porridge/cola cake fries/blood sausages, etc.

Bulguksa Temple – World Cultural Heritage Site. You can see the Buddhist temple with mysterious and elegant flavor set off by red leaves, and feel the rhyme of history and the beauty of nature.

Bamboo Green Garden – is a place where you can enjoy the bamboo forest bath to your heart’s content. There are dense bamboo gardens, fresh air, exquisite and romantic seats, deep walking paths, and green.

Metasequoia Boulevard – Following the footsteps of “Two Days and One Night Travel Records of Korean Variety Art to Tanyang, is also one of the most beautiful roads in Korea! Chungjang-ro Road Shopping Street

Wolbongseowon Confucian Academy – wearing traditional Confucian costumes and participating in the production of traditional Korean books.

Naejangsan National Park – a famous Maple resorts in Korea. There is a red-leaf-covered “Danfeng Corridor” in the Tibetan Mountains. The Aries Temple of the Temple of Neizang Mountain is also a world-famous scenic spot for maple viewing.

Majijeong Mural Village – Three-dimensional warm mural patterns fill the whole village.

Confucian City Footbath Hotspring Experience – Korea’s largest field footbath experience field, Taishan Natural Culture Forest has more than 6,000 Metasequoia trees gathered here. By autumn it will gradually change from red to brown and golden.

Waujeongsa – More than 3,000 Buddha statues in the temple, and autumn is the most spectacular of the four seasons.

N Seoul Tower (Including cable car) – tower is 236.7 meters high and was built in 1975, is the famous tourist spot in South Korea. It located right at the summit of Namsan Mountain and is marked as the highest point of the city.

Korean Ginseng – selling the world’s Tai Chi to participate in ginseng essence, has great effect on the body and nourishment.

Cosmetics Shop – shop for Korean skincare and beauty products

Gyeongbokgung Palace + Hanbok – the last unified dynasty in the history of the Korean peninsula, beautiful autumn viewing spots with autumn leaves tree lined around the palace. try on the traditional cultural wear Hanbok.

Myeongdong Shopping – One of the primary shopping districts in Seoul. Many brand name shops and department stores line the streets and alleys.

Bibimbap show – it’s combining music, dance, cooking and comedy, a culinary spectacle based on the Korean.

Hoganbo Showroom – Bo Kan is believed to be good for your health and can also aid the improvement of your immune system.

Seaweed Museum + Experience Korean Sushi (gimbap) – shows the manufacuring process of seaweed from mining to processing packaging.

Local Provision Shop – enjoy the last minute shopping before transfer to airport for your flight home.


 * Due to unforeseen weather, all sightseeing places will still proceed to visit. No replacement or refund will be made

* All tour Packages will be conducted in Mandarin only

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